The Hallmark of Satori: Define, Develop and Implement
Many marketing and communications consultants specialize in either strategy development or tactical implementation. All too often organizations hire these consultants and wind up investing in a strategy that is never executed because it lacks the necessary “how to” components, or they launch well-intentioned tools that ultimately are unsuccessful because they are not tied to a strategy. The Satori Group differentiates itself in the marketplace through our equal strengths in both areas. Our extensive experience enables us to help clients effectively define their objectives, develop a comprehensive strategy to meet them and implement innovative tools to deliver measurable results. In addition, Satori takes a process-oriented approach to guide clients through a thorough evaluation of their current effectiveness in meeting objectives, as well as in identifying and exploiting their existing potential. Using various methods including Objective Setting, Meeting Design and Implementation, Communications Training, Enter-prise/LMS Alignment, Speaker Training, Benchmarking, Market Research and Organizational Design and Development, Satori works with our clients develop recommendations and toolsets that address challenges and lead to a more streamlined, refined and effective organization.